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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mexican Border States to Ask U.S. to Use Air Deportations

Latin American Herald Tribune
September 28, 2010

MEXICO CITY – The governors of the six Mexican states that border the United States plan to ask U.S. officials to send Mexicans ordered deported from that country back to their hometowns by air to avoid having thousands of them congregate in border towns.

This was one of the items that governors attending the Border Governors Conference earlier this week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, agreed on, Tamaulipas Gov. Eugenio Hernandez said.

The request will be made via the Mexican federal government to its counterpart in Washington, Hernandez said, adding that deportations should be planned, orderly and documented.

Mexicans deported from the United States should be sent home by air to cities in the interior of the country, the governor said during the official inauguration of the Tec Milenio University in Nuevo Laredo.

The governors also plan to ask the congresses of both countries to support a development program for the northern border region in an effort to deal with problems related to migration, drug trafficking, smuggling and crime, Hernandez said.

The border cities “need more support, they are cities that grow much more than the cities in the interior of the Mexican Republic,” the governor said.

Participants at the conference, which was attended by the U.S. and Mexican ambassadors, agreed that transborder violence is a bilateral problem, Hernandez said.

“The problem of crime is a problem for both countries, it is a problem that we have to deal with together,” the governor said.

The declaration signed by the governors called for an end to the flow of arms into Mexico to ensure progress in the war on drugs, as well as increased use of new technologies to create a safer border region, Hernandez said.