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Monday, March 15, 2010

Immigrants in raid must cover own expenses

The Associated Press
March 14, 2010

Cedar Rapids, Ia. — The 37 former Agriprocessors illegal workers being deported by the end of this month have to pay their way home.

Greg Palmore, with the public affairs office with Immigration Customs and Enforcement, said those being deported were told several weeks ago, so they would have time to arrange for transportation and wrap up any business in the United States.

“We’re trying to make the process as humane as possible,” Palmore said. “We care about these individuals.”

He said that if they have a hardship and cannot pay their way home, immigration will consider the issue and may assist in removing them from the country.

The immigrants must pay their own way home because they are not in immigration custody, as others were after the raid who were removed a few months later.

Palmore said he couldn’t release a total number to be deported or dates of deportation because of security reasons.

The 37 were among the nearly 400 who pleaded guilty to charges related to identity theft. Many received probation and agreed to be deported.

Some were allowed to stay in Iowa because they were designated as material witnesses in criminal trials against former Agriprocessors managers in Postville.